Smart Commerce announces partnership with web analytics expert Piwik PRO.

Jena, 27th July, 2023 - Smart Commerce is pleased to announce its collaboration with Piwik PRO, a renowned player in the advertising and marketing industry. This strategic partnership brings together the expertise of both companies to offer data-driven and privacy-friendly analytics solutions for businesses.

Piwik PRO has been an established and trusted name in the industry for over ten years. Originally a consulting service for the open-source platform Piwik, the company branched out in 2016 to develop the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite.

The Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is a comprehensive analytics platform with integrated tag management and consent tools. It ensures a high standard of data privacy and seamlessly complies with international requirements. With legal tightening and the shutdown of Google Analytics 3 (GA3) in 2023, data privacy is once again in the spotlight for many data-driven marketing companies. In collaboration with Piwik PRO, Smart Commerce is already supporting several B2B customers, including well-known companies like Raiffeisen Waren, Förch, and Helukabel.

"In partnership, we will provide our customers with tailor-made solutions to meet data privacy requirements while achieving their marketing goals," says Ingo Körber, COO at Smart Commerce. Smart Commerce and Piwik PRO will collaborate more closely in the future to develop innovative solutions for their shared customers and provide them with the technology and knowledge to make the most of their user data. The partnership combines Smart Commerce's extensive experience in digital commerce with Piwik PRO's privacy-oriented analytics expertise.

About Smart Commerce:

For over 10 years, Smart Commerce SE has empowered business partners with individual and innovative approaches to maximize their online success. Supported by the expertise of leading eCommerce & Digital Consulting teams with profound eCommerce experience and technical expertise in core areas such as eCommerce platforms, eCommerce cloud, CMS, CRM, and digital marketing, we assist over 20 customers with sustainable, user-centric, and data-centered solutions. Together, we shape digital transformation transparently and tailor it to the needs of our customers using agile and future-oriented methods.

About Piwik PRO:

For over a decade, Piwik PRO has been a leading player in the advertising and marketing industry. In 2016, the company developed the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, a proprietary platform tailored specifically to the needs of organizations in the private and public sectors. With a talented team of around 100 dedicated employees, Piwik PRO continuously strives to offer privacy-friendly analytics solutions and support organizations in achieving their goals.

Media Contact:
Smart Commerce SE
Ingo Körber, COO
Naumburger Straße 25, 04229 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 99 15 36 00

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