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Why Managed Cloud Services in eCommerce

In an online world characterised by digital transformation processes and revenue pressure, it is crucial to have a secure, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure. This allows you to operate successfully in eCommerce and maintain control over costs. Our Managed Cloud Services offer you fully managed solutions that are tailored to your needs and help you focus on your business. Secure, cost effective and from a unified infrastructure.

Success factors of Managed Cloud Services
in eCommerce

Availability and performance: high availability and fast loading times are crucial for a good user experience and positive customer retention.  
Scalability: a good managed cloud service should be scalable to meet the needs of the eCommerce business as it grows or shrinks.  
Security: The security of customer data and the eCommerce system is critical. A managed cloud service should provide comprehensive security measures to prevent data loss and hacking. 

Cost control: A managed cloud service should provide transparent costs to avoid unexpected expenses and provide a cost-effective solution based on the needs of the business.  
Customer support: Reliable and responsive customer support is a key success factor for managed cloud services, as issues need to be resolved quickly to maintain system availability and performance.

Successstory Teaser fischerwerke in der Smart Commerce Cloud

Successstory: Ganzheitliche Betrieb der fischerwerke in der Smart Commerce Cloud.

Mit dem Relaunch-Projekt der fischerwerke im Jahr 2017 standen Auffindbarkeit des Sortiments, Usability und wertstiftende Funktionalität für Nutzer genauso im Fokus wie die Schaffung eines maßgeschneiderten Betriebsmodells. Seit dem Go-Live der neuen Plattform in der Smart Commerce Cloud sind die verlässliche Infrastruktur und effiziente Betriebsprozesse entscheidende Erfolgsfaktoren für die fischerwerke. Erfahren Sie mehr über das Projekt und die fortlaufende Zusammenarbeit in unserer Successstory!

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Smart Commerce Cloud Whitepaper Teaser

Whitepaper: Smart Commerce Cloud

Im eCommerce kommt es täglich zu zahlreichen Problemen auf der technischen Seite, beim Hosting und der Umsetzung von Lösungen. Mit der Smart Commerce Cloud deckt Smart Commerce die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette von der Planung über Implementierung, Betrieb und Optimierung einer eCommerce-Lösung ab. Mit der SC-Cloud Lösung garantieren wir unseren Kunden langfristig Sicherheit und Stabilität. Erfahren Sie mehr in unserem Whitepaper!

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Why Smart Commerce Cloud

We offer years of experience in managed cloud services and eCommerce. Our team of experts, enables sustainable and data-centric optimisation of your managed cloud services. Our solutions are scalable, secure and reliable. We also offer comprehensive customer service and support.

Smart Commerce Cloud

With our cloud solution we enable long-term success, efficient operation & optimised eCommerce systems.

Technical operation

We make sure your online shop is up and running. Our experts monitor your systems around the clock and identify opportunities for improvement before they become problems. This is how we guarantee quick solutions.

Our team offers a high-quality range of managed cloud services for eCommerce businesses, including:

  • Development and operation  
  • Cloud consulting  
  • Managing hosting solutions  
  • Application Management 
  • Cloud security and compliance 
  • Customer service and support   

Services in detail

Our projects at a glance

Get an overview of our projects in the areas of digital strategy and eCommerce consulting, development of eCommerce solutions and managed cloud services as well as digital marketing.

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