Our approach for your business performance analysis

For an effective and fast analysis and problem identification, we seek an intensive discussion with you and your team. Once we have a good understanding of your company, the goals you are pursuing, the systems and processes you are using, we start to identify or analyse already known hurdles and problems. In doing so, we draw on our experience and the right tools.

Turning our experience into your success

Many customers already contact us with very specific problems, which we can deal with directly and individually in our team thanks to our broad eCommerce expertise. Not infrequently, these are immediately apparent due to the complexity in the operational running of an eCommerce solution.  As a rule, we find untapped potential in digital marketing, the product range, but also in the user experience in the online shop and with regard to the general performance of the eCommerce systems. 

Once the analysis has been completed - depending on the severity of the problem, often already during the ongoing analysis – we develop recommendations for action for an immediate, short-medium-term or longer-term elimination of problems and consequently for the improvement of your key figures of business success.

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In 6 steps to a successful Business Performance Review

For an existing eCommerce system, we analyse and compare the online offer, the customer experience in the online shop, the marketing as well as the multi-channel services. We then develop recommendations to improve the key performance indicators (KPIs), especially for sales growth.

Let's get started

Based on a deep understanding of the consumers / end customers, the market and the competition of the existing eCommerce solution, we proceed in the following steps:

  1. User Experience Analysis 
  2. Web Analytics Usability 
  3. Web Analytics eCommerce KPIs 
  4. Analysis of Digital Marketing 
  5. Optional: Usability 
  6. Lab Recommendations for improving financial KPIs and ROI-based priorities.

Further services

Development of eCommerce solutions

We develop & implement customised eCommerce systems for you with leading technology partners.

Managed Cloud Services

Moderne Public Cloud Lösungen mit maximaler Automatisierung zum Betrieb effizienter E-Commerce Systeme.

Our principle

One thing always remains the same with us: good planning, solid technology, secure operation, and continuous optimization. All for your success in eCommerce.

Customers who trust us

We focus on empowerment and value long-term partnerships in eCommerce.

We are happy to assist you!

Asking questions costs nothing! Can we assist you with a problem? Or are you interested in collaboration? Or do you have any remaining questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are here to help!

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