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Many advertise their own online shop in just five minutes. This is certainly a good idea if you make wooden jewellery at home. Sooner or later, however, the point comes when thousands of people want to use your online shop every day. From many, unfortunately, they will never know why they didn't buy. Others will ask for a product configurator, complain about the long loading times or wish for a customer portal. If you want to put your online shop on a sound footing today, let us work on one that meets your customers' requirements:

Individual and modular

Highly scalable



Your future-proof B2C online shop

If you build cheaply, you build twice. Or three times. Or four times.

Sell around the clock. Germany-wide and internationally. So it pays to invest in a good partner with good solutions and the right system.

A future-proof online shop means not only being successful in the long term, but also being able to adapt to changing requirements and needs. Modular systems offer the possibility to always be state-of-the-art and to proceed in a focussed manner. Too often, topics such as usability or the security of online shops fall by the wayside. With a future-proof system, you can also make such adjustments at any time without affecting the entire infrastructure.

In the end, it's all about the competitiveness of your shop. Rely on one of our technology partners SAP, Spryker or Intershop and lay the foundation for your own eCommerce infrastructure to always be a step ahead of the competition.

"E-commerce sales in Germany are expected to rise to over 97 billion euros by 2025."

How big will your piece of this pie be? We'll help you make it bigger!

Let's get started

Everything you need from one source

With Smart Commerce, you gain a full service provider with crucial industry experience for your eCommerce project.

Shop and infrastructure

Complete systems are the right choice for smaller businesses. If you are ready to take the next step, let us find the right solution for you. A system that is to accompany you for many years must be secure, customisable, expandable and fast. This may sound abstract, but you will see what we mean later.


"Always something new!" is what the internet brings. Depending on your growth strategy, online marketplaces can be an attractive solution to scale your sales outside your online shop and generate additional reach. We design an action plan with you to conquer the relevant marketplaces step by step.

Multi-channel marketing

Social media, email marketing, search engine advertising and your own online shop - with multi-channel marketing, you fire from all guns. We show you how to turn the marketing barrage into a profitable sales orchestra.


A successful eCommerce strategy is the key to success in online retailing. We support you in choosing the right platform, the right communication and the necessary understanding of your customers and prospects. How? We mix our experience with the data provided by your online shop and derive optimisations.

References that speak for themselves

Trust, partnership, joint success – over many years. We focus on long-term cooperation with a holistic approach. Strategy, technical implementation, ongoing support and long-term empowerment lead our clients on the path of continuous digital growth.

To our projects

Our ingredients for your eCommerce success

Smooth eCommerce processes, accurate messages in marketing campaigns and continuous improvement of the eCommerce infrastructure – these are our secret recipe for a long-term successful online business.

The technology

Ensure user satisfaction and higher sales at the end of the year with a flawless technical infrastructure.


Target group-oriented communication and marketing campaigns are the key to the attention your company deserves, because the saying "A good product sells itself. cannot be transferred to the Internet.

The optimisation

Continuous improvement in iterative steps enables your company to read from data and learn from mistakes. These experiences and the resulting optimisation potentials are what clearly set you apart from the competition.

Technology Solutions

The Smart Commerce mission is to enable long-term eCommerce success for our customers. We achieve this thanks to a team of excellent eCommerce experts and strong technology partners with suitable solutions for your requirements.

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