"Why is Software Quality Assurance so important?"

Software quality assurance (=QA) ensures, through systematic testing, that a product or service meets defined quality standards. Through testing procedures, one can identify not only technical errors but also simulate user behavior and verify the system's responses to it. In the context of eCommerce, QA processes and test automation offer several advantages. They ensure the quality of the website or apps, enhance security, and reduce errors. They also ensure that features like product listings, shopping carts, checkout processes, payment systems, and others function as intended. Ultimately, they optimize the overall customer experience and detect and rectify development errors early.

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QA Process Reference Theo FÖRCH GmbH

A compelling real-world example of the benefits of a well-integrated QA process is the eCommerce project undertaken by Theo FÖRCH GmbH. Since 2021, the project has been supported by a team of QA experts at Smart Commerce for SAP test automation. Today, the entire eCommerce project at Theo FÖRCH GmbH benefits from their work. Thanks to automation:

  • Tests now only take a few hours: three hours on the staging and three hours on the live stage per release.
  • Tests run continuously, contributing to significantly reduced effort in bug fixing and overall maintenance.
  • The team now provides maximum coverage across frontend, backend, and various country-specific shops.
  • This not only relieves their own development teams but also helps conserve internal resources at Theo FÖRCH GmbH

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QA testtypes


QA experts use different testing methods depending on the specific use case and location (backend/frontend). The choice of which test to use also depends on the available resources such as time and budget.

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GUI Testautomation (QA)

Tests performed on the graphical user interface (GUI - Graphical User Interface) of a system simulate the actual behavior of a user and verify if the system functions as expected. GUI test automation can be conducted both manually and automatically. GUI tests can be categorized as part of system testing.

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API Interface Tests (Devs/QA)

API tests focus on verifying the correct functioning of application programming interfaces (APIs). Unlike GUI tests that test the frontend of an application, API tests concentrate on the backend. API tests can be categorized as integration tests.

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Unit Tests (Devs)

Unit tests are a form of white-box testing that target the smallest testable parts of an application, such as functions or methods. They verify whether these small 'units' are functioning correctly. Unit tests are often an integral part of the development process and can be automated to run with every code change. They are the fastest and least expensive solution among testing methods.

Advantages of testautomation

1. Efficiency

Automated tests can be conducted quickly and without human intervention. This allows teams to complete more tests in a shorter amount of time.

2. Reliability

Software test automation reduces the risk of human errors and ensures precise and consistent testing.

3. Repeatability

Automated tests can be easily and repeatedly executed, making them ideal for regression testing. They verify whether changes in the software do not damage the previously functioning parts.

4. Scalability

Automatisierte Tests can be scaled more easily to examine large and complex systems.

Future-proof into eCommerce: The implementation of an omnichannel eCommerce strategy at Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG

FÖRCH is one of the leading German suppliers of products for trade and industry. With a profound eCommerce strategy, FÖRCH has built a modern online shop and a future-proof eCommerce architecture for the internationally operating business together with Smart Commerce. Learn more about the project and the ongoing cooperation in our success story!

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