BONUS INSIDE, based in Osnabrück since 2011, has developed an innovative program where participants can earn bonus points at partner establishments by making payments with their debit cards. These points can then be exchanged for merchandise or promotional rewards, as well as local partner deals. The company has created an alternative to loyalty programs such as Payback and Deutschland Card and has already secured partnerships with several online partners and the shoe retailer Reno.

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Assessment of Business IT and Current State

The management and shareholders of bonus Inside Zahlungs- und Bonuskarten Verwaltungs GmbH have enlisted Smart Commerce as an independent expert to conduct an assessment of their business IT. The customer benefit of this study was to obtain a well-founded evaluation of the overall IT concept, primarily focusing on the current state of the system and its security, as well as gaining an overview of the measures and investments required for future development. The company has chosen a LAMP (Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL database system, PHP scripting language) approach for their technological implementation.

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