As a comprehensive eBusiness service provider, nexMart supports the entire supply chain of its customers.Through innovative products, it can encompass all B2B activities and simplify and optimize business processes for retailers by providing numerous data and services in the form of an efficient and automated eBusiness workflow. In addition to supporting procurement, nexMart enables various multichannel activities.

Key components of the portfolio include intelligent and efficient solutions for electronic procurement, data capture, field service support, and electronic communication between suppliers, retailers, and their customers. While nexMart specializes in the construction industry, it also offers services across different sectors.

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Development, Testing, and Go-Live of a New E-Commerce Service

In an initial project, nexMart commissioned Smart Commerce to support the company in the development, testing, and go-live of the new service, retail Connect. This service aims to guide end customers directly to online shops and physical stores of specialty retailers through direct linking from the supplier's website.

Tasks undertaken by Smart Commerce included ranking retailer offers, tracking service calls, and conducting performance tests.


In another project, Smart Commerce assisted nexMart with conceptualization. The main challenge was to consolidate and standardize price and availability information from heterogeneous source systems.

The customer benefit of these two projects primarily lies in fast and targeted planning and development work with high quality standards.

In addition to quickly familiarizing themselves with the tasks, Smart Commerce demonstrated high-quality conceptualization and development work. They provided clear and transparent reporting and efficient and flexible resource allocation.

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