Excellence Programme (short „E-Programme“)

In the form of our Excellence Programme, we at Smart Commerce have created a system of competence fields, skills and skill sets, as well as profile dimensions, on the basis of which continuous personnel development takes place. The four profile dimensions were defined as eCommerce Business, IT & Web Technology, Management & Project Management and Soft Skills. A profile dimension such as IT and web technology contains more advanced fields of competence such as basic technologies, EC server know-how and payment technologies, which in turn contain skills such as Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. 

The profile dimension "eCommerce Business" is used as an example to illustrate this: The competence field "eBusiness Processes" contained therein requires skills in product information management (PIM), (online) marketing, order management, customer management or fulfilment.

The competence field "Shop Management" contains the skills for portfolio planning, content management, business operation or shop benchmarking. The competence field "Functional Architectures" contains individual fields of knowledge such as skills in payment/shipping methods, credit and address checking, delivery processes or credit card processes. All relevant skills are identified for individual employees and presented in a structured way in a skills database. The creation of the individual skills profiles takes place in simple, convenient steps and is carried out by the employees themselves. 

The aggregation of existing skills in a skills map shows a clear overview of the distribution of relevant skills throughout the company.

Sustainable human resources development.

Smart Commerce actively invests in innovative personnel development and uses the many years of experience and know-how of personnel development experts and their instruments. The spectrum ranges from analysis and the conception of HRD measures to their organisation.

Human resource development tools such as target agreement system (MBO) and employee involvement

Our employees define clear goals for themselves and as part of the company. Smart Commerce supports the achievement of the goals by means of additional financial subsidies and the offer of perspective discussions.

Well-defined role system with roles such as software architect, software developer, web/front-end developer.

We define clear perspectives right from the start. Both professionally and in their role designation, our employees always know where they are in their development and what the necessary steps are to reach the next level. With a clear role system, we enable our employees to fulfil their individual career goals.

Accelerated skill development according to the "know - use - refine - push" methodology and measurement in individual employee scorecards.

Our employees evaluate their own skills thanks to our successful competence model and develop their skills independently and in an organised way in exchange with colleagues. Thanks to the proven scorecards, they always know where they stand and which staff members can provide them with knowledge on a given topic.  

Structuring of skills in 4 dimensions and 12 competence fields

We offer our employees a proven development methodology with appealing profile dimensions, advanced competence fields and specific skills that give them the opportunity to deepen and broaden their skills.

Onboarding and familiarisation programmes/days for new employees

At the beginning, every new job comes with a wealth of impressions. Our onboarding programme gives you the time to familiarise yourself with your environment, your work and your colleagues before you start your daily routine. Even before your first day at work, you will come into contact with experienced colleagues who will be there to help and support you during the first few days and at the same time give you the freedom to get involved from day one. In addition, we will inform you about everything you need to know in joint onboarding meetings and provide you with a helpful guide.  

Organisation of further training and qualification measures

Do you have requests for individual training or suggestions for organised development measures? We book and organise internal and external training opportunities for you and your team. There are also weekly time slots for internal know-how exchange, which you can help to organise on your own initiative. You don't know which measure to choose from the many possibilities? We have also set up a database of potential PE measures that you can use for orientation, and your manager and team colleagues will be happy to advise you on sensible programmes.  

Employee participation: Co-determination. At all levels.

Smart Commerce employees are co-entrepreneurs and, as such, participate in significant company decisions. Readers will learn about the ways and levels through which employees can exercise their rights in this whitepaper.

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