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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimierung in B2B

In the blog article, you will learn everything about conversion rate optimization: goals and metrics, B2B vs. B2C, measures, and how to calculate CRO.

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B2B Webanalytics

We take a comprehensive look at the significance of web analytics in B2B business and explore strategic approaches to help companies maximize the…

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Created by Ronny Mai

B2B Customer Experience

In the online commerce of 2024, an appealing B2B customer experience is just as crucial as in B2C. Learn more in our blog article!

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Created by Robin Reiche


In our blog article, we discuss topics related to software quality assurance and how to correctly implement test automation in your project.

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Created by Dr. Ludger Vogt

PWA in eCommerce: The Storefront of the Future

In B2B e-commerce, good usability, an individual search and high performance are decisive for the conversion and thus the sales of a...

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