The big move into the online world

Marketing now mainly takes place online. What worked well before can be completely off in the online world. What was unthinkable before could now be the breakthrough. 

Digital marketing offers unimagined opportunities, but demands new ways of thinking. Our digital marketing specialists are treading, testing and exploring these paths and would like to take you with them.

And this is how it's done

Marketing = Digital, Results = Maximum

Perhaps you have already become active in digital marketing. Maybe you already sell your products online. Maybe you have already placed ads. You are on the right track.

We have reached a point in digital marketing where it is impossible to do everything. 

Too many platforms, tools, partners and strategies exist for that.The trick is to grasp the situation in this marketing landscape and make the right decisions. But with all due love, that doesn't mean drawing up a plan of action and working through it for the next three years. It means constantly re-evaluating all the circumstances. Keeping an eye on all parameters. Doing what is worthwhile and not doing what is not. We would like to bring you and your marketing team to exactly this point.  

Experts who understand their craft

Our experts have years of experience from numerous client projects. 

Let's get started

Digital Marketing Strategy

As with any other topic, a tailor-made strategy in digital marketing pays off double and triple in the end. Fewer wasted hours, more satisfied customers, less wastage, more quality. Don't get the wrong idea: we don't supply you with a strategy, but work it out together with you. 

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Training on the Job

In order to put your digital marketing on a sound footing, it is important to build up the corresponding competences in your team. Initial takes over the operational digital marketing for you and then hands it over to your marketing team piece by piece. The process is accompanied by our specialists through training, live sessions and feedback meetings. Equipped with the necessary know-how, your team will be the best guarantee of success for future-proof digital marketing. And we take care of tomorrow's strategies with you.

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The perfect marketing tech stack

Digital marketing requires a digital infrastructure as the basis for optimal results. Data protection-compliant user tracking allows you to draw conclusions about user behaviour and target your advertisements. A robust online shop allows optimisations to better achieve your goals. Good data management allows you to embed your products on external platforms, an app or in social media. And a well-orchestrated infrastructure turns your marketing into a well-oiled marketing automation machine.

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Account based Marketing

Especially in B2B marketing, we are often not talking about thousands of potential customers, but a few dozen with a handful of high-value prospects. With the right measures, we can develop campaigns together to build up a targeted relationship with your potential customers or to expand the relationship with your existing customers. Tailor-made content, sophisticated ad targeting, social selling and many other measures make this possible.

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References that speak for themselves

Trust, partnership, joint success – and that for years. We focus on long-term cooperation with a holistic approach. Strategy, technical implementation, ongoing support and long-term empowerment lead our clients on the path of continuous digital growth.

We have eCommerce in our blood

And the right nose for digital business opportunities. In addition, we have our finger on the pulse and our hearts on our tongues when it comes to constructive exchange. Our hands are always on the keys with your goals in mind.

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