Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies globally, with approximately 248 million mobile customers, 26 million fixed-line, and 22 million broadband connections. Its core business is the operation of fixed and mobile networks. The sales platform for fixed-line offerings is an online shop known as "VESPA".

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Migration Specification

 VESPA LINUX MIGRATION: Smart Commerce successfully conducted the setup of Intershop Enfinity Suite 6.4 and the subsequent VESPA shop on the LINUX reference environment and the LINUX cluster integration test environment based on Redhat 8.

The migration followed the best practices of the "Smart Migration Factory," which included: (1) Strict separation of the migration from the Telekom's daily operations, (2) deep understanding of the complete VESPA application stack, (3) no migration of the VESPA application in development, (4) prioritizing error-free migration, followed by optimization, and finally (5) extensive testing.

Smart Commerce implemented the VESPA shop migration to a new operating system, Linux, as a cost-effective alternative to migrating to a new Intershop version. This Linux migration resulted in significant savings, a considerably shorter implementation time, and a substantial reduction in risk for the Telekom. It was crucial that Smart Commerce employees already had excellent knowledge of the VESPA shop platform from the past.

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