Town & Country Haus

Founded in Thuringia in 1997, Town & Country Haus is the leading provider of solid construction houses in Germany. Since its establishment, the company has built over 30,000 houses. In 2017, Town & Country Haus sold 4,466 solid construction houses, compared to 4,188 houses in 2016. Since 2009, Town & Country Haus has been the provider with the most branded houses built in Germany. The business concept is based on over 40 model houses that enable affordable construction with high quality through their system construction approach. Town & Country Haus introduced three house construction protection packages included in the house purchase price, which reduce the risks for homeowners before, during, and after the construction process, setting new standards in the construction industry. In response to the rising costs in the energy market, Town & Country Haus developed energy-saving and solar houses. The company has received multiple awards for its achievements, including the "Deutscher Franchise-Preis" in 2013 and the "Green Franchise Award" for its sustainability efforts.

As an additional innovation, Town & Country Haus plans to offer its franchisees a selection shop for design choices (Bemusterungsshop).

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Platform Selection for a Selection Shop

In the project "Platform Selection for a Selection Shop," Smart Commerce developed and evaluated alternative selection shop technologies, ultimately presenting a decision proposal for the selection shop technology platform. For this platform selection, the established Forrester structure and terminology were used as the basis for the criteria and requirement catalog, weighting of decision criteria, and evaluation matrix. The four main groups of criteria derived from Forrester for the selection shop technology vendor were: 1) Technology and architecture of the product, 2) Business functionalities of the product, 3) Vendor strategy, and 4) Vendor market presence. The approach followed the guidelines of "Unterlage für Ausschreibung und Bewertung von IT-Leistungen des Bundesministeriums des Inneren" (UFAB V) issued by the CIO of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Furthermore, the requirements and specification were finalized, the core process of "selection" was defined using BPNM2 notation, and the system landscape and functional architecture were graphically represented. A long list of 15 candidates was evaluated based on documentation, and it was narrowed down to a shortlist of three providers. The evaluation of these three providers, based on a call for bids and three offer presentations, resulted in performance scores, which, when related to the separately determined costs, yielded the cost-benefit ratio Z. The provider Intershop achieved the best cost-benefit ratio with Z = 148. This was primarily due to its high performance scores in product, both in technology and architecture, and business functionalities. The customer benefit for Town & Country Haus was an objective, transparent, and comprehensible evaluation of the selection shop alternatives, resulting in a detailed decision proposal that identified the most economically advantageous alternative. The first selection shops based on Intershop are now live.

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