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Nowadays, eCommerce wholesalers in B2B not only have to offer customised eCommerce solutions for diverse customer needs, but also continuously optimise processes and expand their own customer base in order to increase sales. There is hardly a target group that binds itself to a retailer as strongly as B2B wholesale customers. We show you how to automate your business processes, manage inventory more effectively, optimise supply chains and much more. With years of experience working with successful wholesalers, we offer industry expertise and technical know-how that helps our clients take the right next steps.

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Challenges for B2B wholesalers

Complexity of business processes

B2B business processes require a multitude of steps and involve various stakeholders. Integrating eCommerce platforms into these processes can be difficult and usually requires extensive and individual adjustments.

Customer requirements

B2B customers often have specific requirements that can make it difficult to implement an eCommerce platform. Younger target groups in particular expect comprehensive digital interfaces and services. For example, some customers require special payment or shipping options that are difficult to integrate.

Data integration

It is important to ensure that data is captured and managed correctly to ensure accuracy of orders, shipping and billing for the customer but also yourself. However, integrating eCommerce platforms with existing IT systems and managing data collected across multiple channels can be challenging.

Technical challenges

eCommerce platforms require dedicated resources and deep technical expertise to be successfully implemented and managed. The complexity of such systems can lead to technical problems and challenges in maintenance and updating.


B2B wholesalers often face a highly competitive environment. An eCommerce platform can help them become or remain more competitive, but it can be difficult to stand out from the competition and create a consistent online presence. To retain customers over the long term, wholesalers today need to offer a modern customer experience with comprehensive service packages.

Technology Solutions

The Smart Commerce mission is to enable long-term eCommerce success for our customers. We achieve this thanks to a team of excellent eCommerce experts and strong technology partners with suitable solutions for your requirements.

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Implementing successful solutions and exploiting potential in B2B wholesale:

Our teams of developers and experts in B2B wholesale have in-depth industry knowledge based on many years of project experience with B2B wholesale companies. We offer you tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific needs of your business and work closely with you to ensure that all your requirements are met.  

We implement and operate a variety of industry-specific functions and tools, including inventory management, supply chain management, automated order processing and more.

We combine the latest technologies with best practices to ensure our solutions are secure, reliable and easy to use.

Our top priority is to take our customers with us from the beginning and build projects together, so that you have a transparent view of the complete journey and destination at all times. Because we are committed to the long-term online success of our business partners. For us, this means providing sustainable, user-oriented and data-centric solutions.

How wholesalers create added value in digital commerce.

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