eCommerce Strategy = eCommerce System

The choice of the right eCommerce system depends heavily on your own eCommerce strategy. From entry-level solutions to mid-range and large-scale enterprise solutions, there are countless possibilities. Without an analysis of the current situation and clear goals, a well-founded selection cannot be made. The decision affects the entire company, so stakeholders from the relevant areas should be involved in the process as a matter of urgency.  

In addition, a simple online shop is no longer sufficient to remain competitive and fit for the future. Customers expect comprehensive service and support. Customer portals, omnichannel and unified commerce are mercilessly driving digitalisation in B2B as well.

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Get an overview of our technologies, industry-specific solutions, solutions for business sectors and focus topics.

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Smart Commerce has experience with many leading manufacturers, but is manufacturer-independent. We have already integrated the following manufacturers/systems: Intershop Commerce Suite, SAP Hybris Commerce, Sitecore Commerce and Experience Manager, Adobe Experience Manager, Omikron FACT-Finder, Apache SOLR, SAP ERP, Microsoft ERP, and many more.

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We make the right choice for you in eCommerce platforms and related technologies, such as search and navigation (SEARCH), product information (PIM), content management (CMS) and analytics (BI).

We can select the optimal solution for you because we are  

  • are independent, technology-neutral and competent across the board,  
  • have in-depth knowledge of many platforms and related technologies, and  
  • as integration experts, we understand the challenges of implementation. 

At Smart Commerce, platform selection takes place in two variants:

  1. The standard platform selection (4 weeks), where we draw up a full list of functional requirements, investigate a shortlist of platform providers and recommend the most suitable technologies.
  2. The extended platform selection (8 weeks), where, in addition to the standard package, we define and tender the project, obtain formal quotes from technology vendors, organise product demonstrations according to agreed use cases, evaluate each vendor and prepare and present a rating.

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The entire eCommerce operating environment should be considered:

Achieving your eCommerce goals requires modern eCommerce platforms that are usually modularly built from 'best-of-breed' subsystems, integrate robustly into your company's existing IT landscape and offer flexible customer-, product- and country-specific customisation options so that the storefront of your online shop can meet the specific demands of the focused market segment. The following figure outlines an example of an eCommerce operating environment or system landscape as we have set it up for various customers.

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Further services

Development of eCommerce solutions

We develop & implement customised eCommerce systems for you with leading technology partners.

Managed Cloud Services

Moderne Public Cloud Lösungen mit maximaler Automatisierung zum Betrieb effizienter E-Commerce Systeme.

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One thing always remains the same with us: good planning, solid technology, secure operation, and continuous optimization. All for your success in eCommerce.

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We focus on empowerment and value long-term partnerships in eCommerce.

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Asking questions costs nothing! Can we assist you with a problem? Or are you interested in collaboration? Or do you have any remaining questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are here to help!

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