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Offering good products at the best prices is certainly the most important factor in eCommerce, but many companies are now doing this. Regardless of whether in the B2B or B2C environment: the right content is becoming more and more decisive. Markets saturate, become more transparent or are attacked by international competitors. You want to be prepared for all eventualities and convince new customers with your content, or retain your existing customers. Together we will find information and stories worth sharing and the right channels to reach your prospects with it.

Developing your content strategy

We work with you to develop a spot-on content strategy to properly highlight your products and your story. So that your customers and prospects don't just hear about yours once and then never again, we work out an annual plan so that they are always in the conversation. We also project larger content productions for you and find the right partner for the implementation.

Technical content management

A lot of content generates a lot of data and a lot of data generates long loading times. We are happy to take over the technical aspect of content management for you. This means we categorise your content and advise you on the implementation of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). This separates the delivery of content from your website so that both systems do what they do best. In addition, a CDN can be split across multiple sites, which guarantees you good international accessibility.

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Content Marketing

Content is one thing, but the right distribution is another. For this reason, we aim to design content with the subsequent marketing channels in mind. For example, a content campaign becomes two newsletters, five LinkedIn posts and one blog post. This not only reduces the production effort, but also ensures that all content fits seamlessly into its subsequent distribution channels.

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Content optimisation

By measuring interaction data provided by either your web analytics software or the respective content platforms, we can continuously improve your content. But interactions are not everything. In the end, the decisive factor is whether this content also brings in new customers. To do this, we evaluate the user sources and user flows of your website and draw the right conclusions.

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Trust, partnership, joint success - and that for years. We focus on long-term cooperation with a holistic approach. Strategy, technical implementation, ongoing support and long-term empowerment lead our clients on the path of continuous digital growth.

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Content management is only a small part of your corporate communication. A comprehensive marketing strategy provides you not only with the right content but also with the right reach to promote your products and services.

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