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Mister Spex is Europe's leading online optician. Based in Berlin, the company offers the widest range of immediately available branded prescription glasses and sunglasses at attractive prices through its website, in addition to contact lenses throughout Europe. Customers benefit from price transparency and savings on prescription glasses, as well as free services such as eye tests and frame adjustments, as Mister Spex collaborates with over 550 local opticians in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands through a partner network. Trained opticians in Mister Spex's service team provide customer advice over the phone or via email. The company has its own optician workshop in Berlin, where the final assembly and quality control of the glasses take place. The high quality of the glasses was confirmed by Stiftung Warentest in December 2014, which awarded Mister Spex as one of the best-tested opticians (test 1/2015, p.86 ff.).

Mister Spex has over two million satisfied customers across Europe and currently employs over 400 people.

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Intershop 7 Update Capability

Mister Spex has been using the Intershop Commerce Suite for its online shops for many years. To always benefit from the latest features of the software, migrations to the latest updates are indispensable. In a workshop titled "Smart Migration Developer Rules for Fast Intershop 7 Updates," Smart Commerce presented an efficient update strategy with Intershop 7 to Mister Spex developers. They provided guidance for easy updateability and presented important rules, tools, and APIs for developers. The workshop deepened the knowledge of the technologies used and provided guidance on correctly implementing the migration and developing the right migration strategy.

Smart Commerce ensures that updates in customer projects do not turn into huge and expensive endeavors but can be realized within manageable limits. Guidelines are used to ensure efficient upgradability for custom developments based on the Intershop Commerce Suite. Following the workshop, Mister Spex successfully migrated to Intershop 7.8.

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