Smart Commerce Shareholder Structure and Corporate Structure

Shared participation. Shared responsibility: Self-determination is our first Core Value. That is why each of our employees is also a Smart Commerce shareholder with voting rights.

Shareholder status of our employees

The members of our Europa AG are our employees, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board. In addition, an external strategic partner is considered a member of our company. Each member has the opportunity to hold shares in the company. If a member leaves, the member sells their shares to another member or to the company. This ensures that the entire voting share capital always and exclusively remains in the hands of the members.

In summary, the principles of our shareholder structure are:

All votes belong to the members of the society.

Each member has at least one vote.

Every member works for the company.

Only members of the Society are entitled to vote.

Capital participation for Europa AG is defined as follows:

  • The government-sponsored capital participation of the members is used. 
  • Each member can also purchase additional shares or invest his or her salary in shares. 
  • On leaving the company, the shares are to be sold to the company or its members.

Employee participation: How satisfied employees can become successful co-entrepreneurs.

The core elements of successful employee participation are employee share ownership and profit-sharing. Smart Commerce employees have both. Readers can find out how this affects their work and the company in our white paper.

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Company structure to ensure growth, competence increase and profitability.

Our company is shaped by four bodies: The Executive Board, the Supervisory Board, the Partners' Advisory Board and the Annual General Meeting. The annual general meeting of shareholders provides information and makes fundamental corporate decisions. The shareholders, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board share the same goals as members. This ensures the sustainable development of the company.

Executive Board

The Executive Board, in the persons of CEO Dr. Ludger Vogt, COO Frank Schneider and COO Ingo Körber, is the management body of the Executive Board and represents the company in legal and business dealings. Executive Board members are appointed by the Supervisory Board. Their term of office is 5 years at the most; reappointment for further periods is possible as often as desired.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is chaired by Claudia Rothe, Managing Director for Finance, Controlling, Legal and Insurance and Information Technology of the fischer group of companies.

Partner Advisory Board

The Partner Advisory Board is not a statutory body but a voluntary body of the company. It will pool the interests of European partners. The Partner Advisory Board will only be initiated in a future development phase.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting decides, among other things, on the discharge of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, resolves on important issues such as amendments to the Articles of Association, capital increases or inter-company agreements and submits proposals for the appropriation of profits.

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