fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG is a German family-owned company founded in the Black Forest and has achieved global success. The company's headquarters is located in Waldachtal. It is particularly known for its unique and comprehensive range of fastening technology, which represents the largest segment of the company group. Other business areas of fischerwerke include fischer automotive systems, fischertechnik, fischer Consulting, and LNT Automation.

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Website Relaunch based on the Sitecore® Experience Platform

With the go-live of the new website in May 2017, Smart Commerce SE successfully executed its first project in collaboration with a partner of fischerwerke, based on the Sitecore Experience Platform. The objective of fischer for the web relaunch project was to significantly improve the visibility of approximately 5,000 fischer products per country. Maximizing the discoverability of products was a central project goal for the relaunch.

Starting in August 2016, Smart Commerce provided expertise in online presence and technology to support the website relaunch, including data delivery from the PIM system, code review, and the central topic of product and dealer search based on FACT-Finder. Smart Commerce also participated in project management and served as a reliable partner to the project team in all situations.


First-ever Sitecore® – FACT-Finder Integration

Through the successful website relaunch project, Smart Commerce introduced the Sitecore-FACT-Finder integration for fischer for the first time. The project aimed to create a cross-channel search backend that initially only connected to the website but could be extended to multiple touchpoints in the future.

In addition to establishing the development environment and determining the architecture for the search backend, Smart Commerce also took over product data management. The data was retrieved from the PIM system via a REST API and validated and transformed according to requirements. Subsequently, the category-product data structure was prepared to import the data into FACT-Finder. The import process was automated using a Jenkins tool.

As part of the project, Smart Commerce also handled the implementation of FACT-Finder and optimization for product search. A special REST interface was developed, allowing the product data to be requested through the existing Sitecore-based website and enabling the use of FACT-Finder search.

Digital Marketing Consulting at fischer

Thanks to the support of the Digital Consulting Team at Smart Commerce, Fischer is continuously seeing increasing organic visibility as well as organic traffic through the implementation of a comprehensive SEO content strategy. Together, we optimize the German and international country pages to enhance the user experience and consequently critical conversion rates, thereby securing sustainable organic growth.

[Translate to Englisch:] Successstory Teaser fischerwerke in der Smart Commerce Cloud

Success Story: Holistic Operation of Fischerwerke in the Smart Commerce Cloud.


With the relaunch project for Fischerwerke in 2017, the focus was as much on the findability of the product range, usability, and value-creating functionality for users as it was on creating a tailored operating model. Since the go-live of the new platform in the Smart Commerce Cloud, the reliable infrastructure and efficient operational processes have been crucial success factors for Fischerwerke. Learn more about the project and the ongoing collaboration in our success story!

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