Express implementation and system integration

In this implementation, established standard software products are usually adapted to the respective customer requirements and integrated into the customer systems. The core are eCommerce standard software products, such as Intershop Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud or Sitecore. Essential tasks of the implementation concern the following four areas:

  1. project management and setting up the project infrastructure,
  2. implementing the front ends of the online shop, 
  3. system integration with third-party systems such as integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Product Information Systems (PIM) and finally 
  4. customising, i.e. the functional adjustments of the standard software products to your individual requirements.

Our project-experienced employees know the best eCommerce standard software products and use the best configuration and customising for the implementation of customer-specific systems. 

Through our partnership with leading manufacturers, we gain an early insight into their product strategy. We use this knowledge for our customers. Especially when it comes to integrating existing systems and preserving the value of previous investments.

With sound technical knowledge, a pragmatic approach and in cooperative collaboration with external service providers, our experts develop smart and individual solutions. Smart eCommerce Implementation (SeCI) or Smart Implementation for short is a standardised, tool-supported express implementation process for fast, cost-effective and low-risk rollouts

Technical analysis
and optimisation potential

Once eCommerce platforms are up and running and show their strengths and weaknesses, our service packages provide valuable technical analysis and optimisation potential.

With our eCommerce Architecture Review and Software Development Process Review packages, we deliver reviews including prioritised recommendations for improvements in the area of the platform itself as well as software development at a fixed price. This can optimise the eCommerce architecture, its implementation and code quality, improve performance and ensure scalable performant and operational software design. We often analyse and evaluate the interface between the eCommerce server (e.g. SAP Commerce Cloud or Intershop Commerce) and the SAP ERP system including source and target data in the SAP integration review and evaluate the intended interface technologies and tools in terms of robustness, performance, risks and costs. 

eCommerce platforms become obsolete and need to be migrated to newer versions or other eCommerce systems. The migration of such legacy systems to a state-of-the-art system is the core business of our Migration Factory. This uses a proven factory approach to reduce classic risks and migration costs and to realise a fast upgrade. In the Migration Factory Workshop, the defined and repeatable processes are presented by dedicated migration experts. 
Mobile apps today are rarely "standalone". Mostly, they are part of a larger, cross-system eCommerce platform and need to integrate seamlessly. Unlike traditional app agencies, our app experts have a strong enterprise background and experience in a wide range of technologies. This means we can work with the right technology for any eCommerce platform and are well equipped to handle even complex scenarios.

Your digital marketing strategy for success

The cards are being reshuffled in marketing

Product brochures, telephone enquiries, price lists – everything is being replaced by the internet. Digitalisation has also begun in your industry. What you need now is a long-term vision and a structured approach in order to overtake your competitors and to secure and expand your market share online.

Content Marketing

Content is one thing, but the right distribution is another. For this reason, we aim to design content with the subsequent marketing channels in mind. For example, a content campaign becomes two newsletters, five LinkedIn posts and one blog post. This not only reduces the production effort, but also ensures that all content fits seamlessly into its subsequent distribution channels.

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Content optimisation

By measuring interaction data provided by either your web analytics software or the respective content platforms, we can continuously improve your content. But interactions are not everything. In the end, the decisive factor is whether this content also brings in new customers. To do this, we evaluate the user sources and user flows of your website and draw the right conclusions.

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App development

Mobile apps today are rarely "standalone". They are usually part of a larger, cross-system eCommerce platform and must integrate seamlessly. Unlike traditional app agencies, our app experts have a strong enterprise background and experience in a wide range of technologies. This means we can work with the right technology for any eCommerce platform and are also well equipped for complex scenarios.

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Whitepaper Cover Fast SeCI

Whitepaper: Fast SeCI for Intershop Commerce Management

Innerhalb eines Quartals zu einem vollumfänglichen Online Shop dank Fast Smart eCommerce Implementation for Intershop Commerce Management: Fast SeCI for ICM zielt darauf ab, die Unsicherheit bei Entscheidern, die vor der Einführung eines neuen eCommerce-Systems oft herrscht, zu reduzieren und bietet Ihnen ein vordefiniertes Produkt- und Projektpaket an. Das von Smart Commerce entwickelte Starter-Paket ermöglicht es Kunden, innerhalb eines Quartals mit einem vollumfänglichen Online-Shop live zu gehen.


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Whitepaper Monolithen vs Microservices

Whitepaper: Monolithen vs. Microservices

Im eCommerce dominieren monolithische Middleware-Lösungen den Markt. Doch bei monolithischen Anwendungen nimmt der Entwicklungsumfang mit der Zeit zu. Um dies zu vermeiden, wandelt eine zunehmende Zahl von Unternehmen ihre monolithische Middleware in individuelle Microservices um. Unser Whitepaper zum Thema bietet einen Leitfaden zu Architekturvorteilen, Migrationsstrategien, Tools und Technologien. 


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Digital strategy and eCommerce consulting

Discover our unique consulting approach for your eCommerce success.

Managed Cloud Services

Modern public cloud solutions with maximum automation for the operation of efficient eCommerce systems.

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