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Our whitepapers and success stories come directly from practice - from daily project work with our customers. We share our many years of experience and the resulting best practices and procedures from various industries here. Our eCommerce studies are published by ECC CLUB, a Europe-wide network for decision-makers in eCommerce.

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How wholesalers create added value in digital commerce

How and in which areas is traditional wholesaling threatened by the digital transformation and which services create a comparative competitive advantage? Find out the answer now and download our whitepaper on the topic!

How wholesalers create added value in digital commerce

How and in which areas is traditional wholesaling threatened by the digital transformation and which services create a comparative competitive advantage? Find out the answer now and download our whitepaper on the topic!

Do's and don'ts for brand manufacturers

Anyone who is only entering the digital business today can justifiably be called a latecomer. Which entry strategy should be chosen for this market and what are the success factors or pitfalls? You will find the answers to these questions in our white paper.

Employee participation: Co-determination at all levels

At Smart Commerce, employees are not just part of a team, but part of the entire company. And that pays off! Through the participation program, Smart Commerce employees benefit twice over from the company's success! How does it work? Employees can exercise their right to co-determination on three levels...

Employee participation: Smart commerce as a success story

In this whitepaper, our readers will learn everything they need to know about modern and forward-looking employee participation! With practical examples, expert opinions and exciting employee testimonials, we provide exclusive insights into how employee participation has made the entire Smart Commerce SE a successful company for 10 remarkable years.

Long-term eCommerce success for medium-sized businesses: Smart Commerce Cloud.

With Smart Commerce Cloud, Smart Commerce covers the entire value chain from planning to implementation, operation and optimization of an eCommerce solution. As a technology-agnostic system, it fits seamlessly into the existing system landscape, and Smart Commerce's eCommerce expertise and application know-how ensure the efficient and smooth operation of eCommerce applications.

Smart Migration Factory

The Smart Migration Factory combines proven process models and experience gained. It is a combination of methods and tools optimized and tuned for eCommerce migration projects and uses proven best practices and templates from Smart Commerce SE. Thus, the use of SMiF leads to a reduction of expensive error rates, a reduction of migration efforts and a shortening of the migration duration. In this way, the time during which further development of the current live system is blocked is also shortened.

Smart Migration Developer Rules for Intershop 7

This document presents guidelines to ensure the most efficient upgradeability for custom developments based on the major version Intershop 7. Specifically, this concerns updates of minor versions or minor releases (Intershop 7.x => 7.y). For the modifiability of Intershop 7 implementations, experience shows that the better the "Smart Migration Rules for Intershop 7" described here are taken into account, the higher the modifiability of these implementations.

Smart eCommerce Implementation for SAP® Hybris® Solutions

SeCI 4 SAP Hybris is a methodology for successful implementation of eCommerce projects. The methodology was developed by Smart Commerce and is a combination of various proven approaches and experience gained in completed projects. SeCI 4 SAP Hybris uses Scrum as a basis, i.e. follows the principle of empirical process control, but extends this process model. With the experience of Smart Commerce SE, SeCI 4 SAP Hybris has been optimized as a methodology for eCommerce projects with SAP® Hybris® solutions.

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The implementation of an omnichannel eCommerce strategy at Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG

Future-proof into eCommerce: The ambitious goal of Theo FÖRCH GmbH with its new, modern online store was and is to provide each customer with information on a channel of their choice and adapted to individual needs, to deliver the best possible service quality and to make purchasing products as convenient as possible.  

Successful B2B digitization of Seefelder with Spryker.

The rapid growth of the company in recent years made an eCommerce strategy a crucial pillar for SEEFELDER's future business success. In order to continue to meet high customer expectations as well as their own ambitions, the next logical step was to design and implement a future-proof and scalable omnichannel platform.

Holistic operation of fischerwerke in the Smart Commerce Cloud.

With the relaunch project in 2017, the focus was on discoverability of the product range, usability and value-creating functionality for users, as well as the creation of a customized operating model. Since the go-live of the new platform, the reliable infrastructure and efficient operating processes have been decisive success factors for fischerwerke.

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Smart Commerce is ECC CLUB member. The ECC CLUB is the network for decision makers in eCommerce. More than 360 companies from trade and industry are represented in the network. The future of eCommerce is discussed here in a joint exchange. Every year, the IFH Cologne publishes a large number of studies that provide insights into the economy and trade. As an ECC CLUB member, we provide the opinions and insights of our eCommerce experts for these studies.

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ECC Club Study 2023.2 "Hello World - AI in Marketing and Sales"

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the (work) world. Gradually, we are seeing how companies are using artificial intelligence, where reservations exist, and where efficiencies can be created. Particularly interesting are customer-facing areas such as marketing and sales: Does AI have the potential to influence these areas positively or negatively? If yes, how? ...

ECC Club Study 2023 Hire me if you can

The shortage of skilled workers is on everyone's lips and is the subject of enormous discussion - many retail companies are struggling with the effects and challenges of no longer being able to find suitable personnel. That's why ECC KÖLN took a closer look at the issue and surveyed digital talents as well as retailers and manufacturers.

ECC Club Study 2022.2 Metaverse

The metaverse is probably THE current trend topic - and it offers interesting possibilities and opportunities for retailers. That's why ECC COLOGNE took a look at the topic and surveyed young consumers in Germany and the USA.

ECC Club Study 2022 Generation Z

Torn, traditional, and under immense pressure - the new ECC CLUB study illuminates the behaviors, attitudes and needs of Generation Z.

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