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Today, the product range of the multichannel provider BAUR Versand consists of fashion, shoes, furniture, and home accessories. The target group includes customers with high demands for quality and service. Currently, over 80 percent of all orders at BAUR Versand are placed through the internet. The eCommerce platform has established strict guidelines for user-friendliness and data protection. In addition to, the platform is also used by six other clients, including and

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Platform Selection

BAUR Versand has implemented various projects with Smart Commerce. For the selection of the platform for standard clients, the established Forrester structure and terminology were used as the basis for the criteria and requirement catalog, weighting, and evaluation matrix. The approach was chosen in analogy to the "Guidelines for Tendering and Evaluation of IT Services of the Federal Ministry of the Interior" (UFAB V). The assessment of the individual providers resulted in their respective performance points, which, in relation to the separately determined costs, yielded the metric Z as a cost-benefit ratio. The customer benefit was to provide an objective, transparent, and traceable evaluation of platform alternatives, resulting in a decision proposal that identified the most cost-effective alternative.


Migration Specification

The project "Migration Specification for the eCommerce Platform to Intershop 7" had the highest priorities of ensuring that, after replacing the existing Enfinity Suite 6.4 system with an Intershop 7 system, the platform would continue to achieve and, where possible, improve all existing key performance indicators. Furthermore, it aimed to maximize the utilization of Intershop 7's feature set to replicate the functionalities already implemented in the existing BAUR eCommerce platform. The future use of a new platform by standard clients should enable rapid deployment and the swift and highly synergistic provision of optimization achieved through test-based methods across all comparable clients. The customer benefit derived from this specification was the clarity regarding the scope, costs, implementation duration, and resulting planning security.


Empiriecom IT Vision

The project "Empiriecom IT Vision" involved developing a new IT vision for the eCommerce platform of the BAUR and UNITO Group. The IT goals were broken down into target architecture, services, and IT projects and recorded in an "IT Vision Card." Smart Commerce supported the platform management department with goal-oriented architecture consulting provided by experienced IT architects. A new concept was developed and aligned for the frontend layer ("Common API") as well as the backend layer ("Managed Services API"). The customer benefit of the project lay in creating a new architecture foundation that is both sustainable in the long term and suitable for the best possible migration of existing clients in the short and medium term.

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