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Smart Commerce relies on the technology-leading products of selected partners in the fields of e-commerce servers, search engines, content management and web analytics.


Spryker - State-of-the-Art Technology.

The Spryker Commerce OS offers a modular, high performing and scalable architecture that forms the perfect foundation for executing innovative projects. By separating front-end and back-end, developers can work simultaneously. Therefore, the rapid development of customer interfaces can be responded to at any time and new features can be implemented quickly and easily.

B2B und B2C Compatible

With over 800 modules, the Spryker Commerce OS adapts to individual needs of customers and enables purchase processes with current and future touchpoints.
While the B2C Suite offers central capabilities for any end-user business application, the B2B Suite focuses on the specific needs of the B2B buyer whether it is the customer administration or order process automation.

Agile Mindset

User expectations change almost daily. Therefore, it is essential to test new ideas in order to maximize the chances of success. Spryker offers an agile platform that, for example, allows you to launch, test and optimize projects with a short development time using the MVP approach.

Depending on its success, solution approaches can be expanded or rejected.

API first and Headless Architecture

The key to implementing various functionalities lies is the API-first approach, which the Spryker Commerce OS offers alongside classic e-commerce applications. New interfaces can be created and customeroriented interfaces such as Voice Commerce, Chatbot or mobile shops can be integrated. Focus on the way customers shop today and in the future and stay ahead.

Technology Ownership

Increasingly complex market requirements entail that companies are looking for a step towards individualization. With the Spryker Commerce OS, the source code access remains in the hands of the companies and thus also the freedom to make changes independently for further development.


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