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The mission of Smart Commerce is to enable our customers long-term eCommerce success with a world class team of excellent eCommerce experts.

Technical Excellence Consulting-Team


We are to hand to help clients with our Technical Excellence Consulting Team (TEC Team), which sets itself apart through technical and consulting excellence.

Finely tuned to the needs of our customers, our experienced project consultants, software architects and engineers and our deployment and performance experts offer the following service packages:

  • Development and Analysis of Business Plans
  • Project Steering, Controlling and Audits, Technical Project Management
  • eCommerce Requirements Specifications and Evaluations
  • eCommerce Implementation Planning
  • Complex eCommerce Migrations, Installations and Configurations
  • Migration Factory Workshop
  • Intershop Standard Software Customization
  • Design and Development of Complex Interfaces
  • Architecture and Code Reviews
  • Software Development Process Reviews
  • Performance Tests and Customization
  • Application Management and Monitoring
  • Planning and Optimization of the Technical Operation of Platforms and Applications
  • And many others

The technical experts keep records concerning their eCommerce knowledge of best practices, techniques, processes in order to concentrate valuable information for customer decisions, e.g.

  • fast eCommerce implementations (SeCI)
  • developer best practices for fast migrations (SMER)
  • Smart Migratione Factory (SMiF)
  • and others

Through the profound understanding of technology, processes and economic success factors, Smart Commerce provides eCommerce solution excellence for major challenges. Our employees have many years of experience and have specialized best practice know how in Intershop and Demandware systems.

The larger the eCommerce system, the more important is the excellence of its architecture as it determines the performance, security and future of the system. Therefore, we develop eCommerce architectures, which enable us to anticipate and consider future requirements.

The larger the eCommerce system, the more important is the excellence of its builders. ECommerce systems are made of a very special raw material: human spirit. As such software systems are among the most complex structures created by humans, their development also requires extraordinarily complex thinking: logical and creative, excellent and intuitive.

At Smart Commerce this rare raw material is consolidated. It determines our daily work to a high degree. The pool of excellence faces all challenges.

3 typical roles in planning and building eCommerce platforms are software architects, software developers and web developers. The Smart Commerce E program accelerates skill building and a certification system measures progress. While experts in all 3 roles are fundamental certified to the eCommerce server, e.g. in Intershop or SAP Hybris, the specific certificates of a software architect (CPSA of iSAQB), software developer (OCJP, SPRING) and web developer (jQuery, Typescript, AngularJS) differ.

Following the standards of software quality, the TEC team has developed criteria to deliver high quality customer eCommerce platforms. Software quality is more than freedom from error (criterion functionality). While the non-functional properties of reliability, usability, user experience and efficiency are the requirements that the eCommerce platform should meet during operation, the criteria for changeability (maintainability) and transferability are the internal nature of the eCommerce solution (ie, the source code of the software), which should enable and simplify certain future customizations.

"Our TEC-Team consists of Senior Project Consultants with profound eCommerce experience and provides a complete range of services for planning, construction and operation of high-end eCommerce platforms."


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