Shared Ownership. Shared Responsibility.

Self-determination is our first core value. That's why each of our employees is also a Smart Commerce shareholder.

Shareholder status of our members.

The members of our European Company (SE) are our employees and the management and supervisory board. Each member automatically own shares in the company and can also purchase additional shares voluntarily. If a member leaves, he/she sells their shares to another member or to the company. This ensures that the entire voting share capital always and exclusively remains in the hands of the members. Non-voting preference shares on the other hand can also be purchased by partners and clients.

The basic principles of our shareholder structure are summarized as follows:

  • All votes belong to members of the company.
  • Each member has at least one vote.
  • Each member works for the company.
  • Only members of the company are entitled to vote.

Capital sharing for the European Company (SE) is defined as follows:

  • Government-promoted capital sharing of employees is utilized.
  • Each member can also purchase further shares or invest their salary in shares.
  • On leaving the company, the shares must be sold to the company or to its members.

The concept of employee participation and capital sharing at Smart Commerce SE (as an example) has been analyzed and summarized in the master thesis of Christian Holthaus in Management & Human Resources at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.


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