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Smart Commerce with record in third business year and first dividend.

Jena, Smart Commerce general meeting 2016 decides on first dividend following excellent business year 2015  

  • Revenue growth of more than 60% in 2015, two-digit profitability rate and profitability growth of more than 130%, growth of capital available of about 80%
  • Vote at general meeting for first dividend of 40 Cent per share, particularly gratifying dividend return of 6.6%
  • General meeting decides on new offer for employee participation program 2016 (employee shares) 

On 5th of July 2016, the board of management presented the financial results and the business development as well as the growth strategy of 2015 and gave an insight for the current year at the fourth annual general meeting of Smart Commerce SE. The growth in revenue and profits in the previous financial year resulted in high two-digit numbers and in three-digit numbers for financial resources. Thanks to these results, Smart Commerce has even surpassed the positive targets for the business year 2015. 

In the third complete financial year 2015 after the foundation of the SE, the annual revenue rose by 63%. The EBIT rose by 134% compared to the previous year with a resulting EBIT margin of more than 15%. The available financial capital increased by 78%. It was the third year of profitable growth since the foundation although a bonus payment was distributed to all employees at the beginning of the year. “2015 was a record year for us. We have significantly surpassed our growth and profits targets”, said board member Frank Schneider. 

As the employees have a tangible share in Smart Commerce SE, they participate according to their amount of interests in the capital appreciation of the company (share) as well as in the dividend payment. The general meeting followed the proposal of the executive board and decided on a dividend of 40 Cent per share with a gratifying dividend return of 6.6%. Furthermore, a new offer for the employee participation with employee shares in 2016 was decided. 

Smart Commerce is still looking for candidates with profound eCommerce knowledge as the number of projects of strategic customers is growing further in 2016. The Technical Excellence Consulting-Team (TEC-Team), which works on demanding technical eCommerce demands shall be increased significantly in the future. Moreover, Smart Commerce will aim at growing inorganically in the field of eCommerce services. “In 2016, Smart Commerce will focus on the recruitment and development of eCommerce experts. The tangible and intangible participation of the employees as well as the e-program with focus on employee development are unique in the market”, explained Dr. Ludger Vogt who was appointed chairman of the executive board on 1st July 2016.

About Smart Commerce SE:.

Smart Commerce provides a complete range of services for planning, construction and operation of high-end eCommerce platforms. The company is devoted to the long-term online success of its business partners. With experienced eCommerce experts and specialized technical know-how on all commonly used platforms, Smart Commerce excels in all things involving eCommerce – from online shops to web analysis. The Smart Way is our corporate culture: All employees are stakeholders, creators and act as the company’s controlling body. They hold shares in SE and actively help to shape the company’s direction, from job-specific decisions to entrepreneurial values, objectives and management principles. The European Company (SE) is both the company's brand and its legal identity.

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