The benefits of a seamless user experience

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Optimization of ROI

Our audits identify friction points in your user journey - areas that prevent customers from completing desired actions. We develop solutions to eliminate these issues and increase your conversion rate. You can measure the optimization of the conversion rate with ROI.

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Competitive Advantages

By lowering the costs of conversions, you have more budget available for acquiring new customers. An outstanding user experience provides you with a competitive advantage in many ways, at every touchpoint of your customer journey.

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Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Our UX audits focus on customer needs. A seamless user experience increases user satisfaction (and thus the likelihood of taking valuable actions) and the retention of existing customers.

Why is optimizing the conversion rate central?
Examples from our projects:

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Companies that implement conversion rate optimizations for their online shop gain massive competitive advantages.

The continuous improvement of the user experience and the focus on core target groups ensure sustainable growth until you have reached the highest evolutionary stage of your platform.

Examples from our projects

For our clients, we perform conversion rate optimizations at various stages and intensities. From the audit to guidance and implementation of optimizations, we support you in reaching the full potential of your online business. Whether it's higher cart volumes, an improvement in average order value, or an increase in the number of completed purchases, our clients benefit from our many years of experience in eCommerce and our intensive work on their conversion rate optimization.

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What is a CRO Audit / UX Audit?

Digital applications are created for users. They expect, both implicitly and subconsciously, a certain level of usability and user-friendliness on many levels. We examine your application or website with user experience tests according to all important usability standards. We identify potential improvements, pinpoint problems or friction points, and develop concrete action recommendations.

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Usability (User-friendliness)

Our UX experts assess the user-friendliness of your application using established User Experience Tests based on ISO criteria and usability standards. The interaction principles include:Aufgabenangemessenheit,

  • Task Appropriateness
  • Self-Descriptiveness
  • Consistency with Expectations
  • Learnability
  • Controllability
  • Robustness against User Errors
  • User Engagement


From July 2025 at the latest, companies will be largely legally obliged to make eCommerce systems, digital services, websites, and apps barrier-free accessible. Accessibility includes all users and guarantees a better user experience. We check whether an interactive system enables the user to interact with it, regardless of their level of vision, hearing, dexterity, thinking, or physical mobility. Testing according to the following criteria:

  • Perceptibility
  • Usability
  • Understandability
  • Robustness
  • Customizability
  • Content Preparation
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Interaction design (IxD)

Here, we consider the design of digital products and systems that facilitate interaction between users and technology by considering user needs and goals, creating an intuitive, efficient, and engaging user experience. An assessment is made based on various aspects, including:

  • User Guidance
  • Information
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency
  • Accessibility
  • Customizability
  • Learnability

Future-proof into eCommerce: The implementation of an omnichannel eCommerce strategy at Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG

FÖRCH is one of the leading German suppliers of products for trade and industry. With a profound eCommerce strategy, FÖRCH has built a modern online shop and a future-proof eCommerce architecture for the internationally operating business together with Smart Commerce. Learn more about the project and the ongoing cooperation in our success story!

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Unser Vorgehen für Ihre eCommerce
Conversion Rate Optimierung

1. Planning phase

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Planning phase

During a kick-off meeting, we establish a shared understanding of the project goals and project scope, as well as how we can increase your conversion rate. We define the metrics to be optimized, ideally including a Northstar metric, and gather existing documents such as buyer personas or customer journey maps. Subsequently, stakeholder interviews may be conducted to build a fundamental understanding of the target audience.

2. Analysis phase

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Analysis phase

During the analysis phase, all qualitative and quantitative data are interpreted, friction points are identified, and potential enhancements to user motivation are hypothesized. The analysis in this phase of conversion rate optimization includes:

  • Heuristic Website Evaluation
  • UX Audit according to WCAG standards & ISO guidelines
  • Technical Website Analysis
  • Web tracking / Analytics Audit
  • Conversion Path Analysis
  • User Research Analysis & Strategy
  • Examination of A/B Testing Program

3. Prioritization Phase

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Prioritization Phase

In the prioritization phase, we develop a prioritized action plan using the ICE framework (Impact, Confidence, Effort). This helps not only to achieve temporary improvements in conversion rate optimization but also empowers you internally to increase your conversion rate in the long term and independently. The assessment of feasibility is done in coordination with internal stakeholders.


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Our offer for your
Conversion Rate Optimization

  UX-Audit 360° CRO & UX-Audit
Planning pphase & Projectstart Questionnaire Kick-Off-Workshop, Stakeholder-Interviews
Tracking & Analytics Analyse NO YES
UX-Analysis According to ISO criteria (interaction principles) and interaction design (IxD) Heuristic website evaluation with test scenarios, checking according to ISO criteria (interaction principles) and interaction design (IxD)
Barrier freedom test YES YES
Testing performance (loading times) and technical aspects (cross-device, cross-browser, etc.) NO YES
Evaluation and consideration of qualitative data NO YES
Development of test hypotheses & ideas to increase conversions NO YES
Testing and development of A/B testing strategy NO YES
Length of time Approx. 1 week after kick-off Approx. 4 weeks after kick-off
Presentation of results MIRO board & explanatory video (Loom) Detailed presentation of results, prioritized catalog of ideas
Conclusion 30-minute call for questions 2-hour presentation of results
Recommendations for action Recommendations for action Extensive catalog of ideas prioritized according to the ICE framework
Price on demand on demand

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