Benefits of a B2B eCommerce App

1. Maximum Efficiency:

A responsive website is standard today when it comes to ensuring a positive user experience for your customers. In many cases, a mobile app can further enhance customer satisfaction. Mobile apps increase the efficiency of the application on mobile devices, adapting to the specific requirements of the device and platform in use.

2. Innovative Solutions:

Mobile apps allow you to integrate the hardware features of mobile devices into your features. This enables the creation of innovative solutions that combine a unique user experience (UX) with a user-friendly interface (UI), providing you with a genuine competitive advantage.

3. Mobile-First Strategy:

From small application tools in your company's toolkit to a Mobile-First strategy, mobile apps enable you to offer customers a range of additional features. They allow you to center the UI/UX focus entirely on usability in mobile touchpoints, maximizing the user experience. We'll show you how!

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Award Winning Apps - Made by Smart Commerce

Craftsmen are mostly mobile on construction sites. To create added value precisely at the scene of action, Smart Commerce has developed the 'fischer Professional' app for the fastening specialist fischerwerke.

A multi-expert jury rated the 'fischer Professional' app as outstanding in its usability for customers. Criteria such as the assessment of economic success, innovation in relation to company size, and inspiration for medium-sized businesses were decisive in selecting the winners. The 'DigitalX' initiative, which awards the prize, consists of Deutsche Telekom and the magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The patronage is held by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Our Mobile App Projects

The fischer Pro App – Customer-Centric B2B eCommerce App

With the fischer Pro App, B2B entrepreneurs have the complete digital toolbox wherever they go. Whether it's product guidance, a mobile online shop, B2B order creation and shipment tracking, note-taking and inquiries, or cross-platform content editing such as fire protection documentation; Smart Commerce and fischer provide customers with the fischer Pro App, a unique B2B eCommerce app that combines a user-friendly UI with innovative UX, both on the construction site and at home.

fischer DIY App – Innovative Feature Development

The user interface app design of the fischer DIY App was developed in close collaboration between Smart Commerce and fischerwerke. In addition, Smart Commerce has developed and implemented features for fischer, such as advanced product search, product scanner, and shelf scanner for product searches in hardware stores.

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Mobile App Development with Smart Commerce

All-in-One Solution:

Mobile app development requires cross-functional collaboration and expertise. That's why we work with an 'all-in-one' team, consisting of Android and iOS developers, as well as UI/UX designers and backend developers. Our team is well-coordinated and can efficiently implement your requirements without loss of time, ensuring both functional and visual aspects are of the highest quality.

Rapid Development and Quick Go-Live:

Typically, only one frontend developer is needed for Android and iOS. Since the written code is used for both platforms, we effectively halve the development effort. This also applies to subsequent tests for code automation


We offer apps based on KMP (Kotlin Multiplatform). Unlike other cross-platform solutions, these are "native" apps that typically share the code for business logic. Using the example of the fischer DIY App, we have successfully demonstrated in our own projects that it is possible to deploy the entire UI based on shared code.


With us, you have a reliable and experienced partner by your side who can integrate and align your mobile app development within comprehensive eCommerce processes. Choosing Smart Commerce as a full-service eCommerce provider not only brings expertise in mobile app development to your project but also experience in strategy, marketing, and maintenance of your eCommerce app.

Mobile App Design

Design is not just about what you see; it's also about how the app feels. An engaging User Interface (UI) and thoughtful User Experience (UX) are crucial for the success of your app.

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Prototyping – The Key to Success

Before diving into the actual development, we place great importance on creating a prototype. A prototype allows you to experience the functionalities of your app in advance and make changes before the programming process begins. This iterative approach ensures that your app is not only efficient but also intuitive.

Rigorous Testing for the Highest Quality

Our Mobile App Design (UX/UI) experts conduct comprehensive tests to ensure that your app functions optimally in every aspect. From performance testing to user experience tests, each phase is thoroughly examined to ensure smooth functionality and a flawless user experience. Only when an app meets our strict quality standards is it approved for release.

Native Apps

Native apps, in contrast to web apps or hybrid apps, are applications specifically developed for a particular platform or operating system. At Smart Commerce, we have a team of Native App experts with experience in the development of native apps who can answer your questions on the topic. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Native Apps Advantages


  1. Performance: Native apps generally offer better performance compared to other types of applications. Since they are specifically optimized for a particular platform, they can access the features and resources of the device more efficiently.

  2. Access to Device Features: Native apps have full access to the features and hardware of the device, such as the camera, GPS, acceleration sensors, etc. This allows for comprehensive integration and utilization of device features.

  3. User Experience: Native apps often provide a better user experience as they can precisely reflect the design and behavior of the platform. They better adhere to user interface guidelines, offering a familiar and intuitive user experience.


  1. Development Costs: Developing native apps can be more expensive as separate versions need to be created for each platform (e.g., iOS and Android). This requires specific expertise for each platform.

  2. Time Investment: Native app development can take more time, especially if the app is intended to be available on multiple platforms. This may lead to longer time-to-market.

  3. Platform Dependency: A native app is limited to a specific platform. If an app needs to be available on multiple platforms, separate versions must be developed, adding extra effort and complexity.

Native Apps Disadvantages

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