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The ZG Raiffeisen Group, headquartered in Karlsruhe, is a versatile trading and service company operating in the fields of agriculture, markets, technology, energy and building materials. With almost 2,000 employees, it operates an extensive network of over 200 branches in Baden-Württemberg, the Palatinate and Alsace. The cooperative roots are still reflected in the corporate structure of ZG Raiffeisen eG today. The "ZG" in the company name stands for Zentralgenossenschaft. By spinning off the business areas of technology, energy and building materials into independent GmbHs, ZG Raiffeisen has developed into a modern and powerful group of companies with an annual turnover of around one billion euros.

More than 100 years after its foundation, ZG Raiffeisen continues to act and operate in the interests of its members: economically profitable and ecologically sustainable. The cooperative has a continuously growing number of members, currently just under 5,000, and employs 1,900 people.

The company's mission is to see itself as an integral part of the region. For this reason, ZG Raiffeisen knows the needs of the local people and takes this as motivation for its daily work. Together with its members, it strengthens the region and drives forward future-oriented topics in a targeted manner, as community thinking is anchored in its DNA.


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Web analysis system selection

ZG Raiffeisen was looking for a data protection-safe alternative to Google Analytics. Smart Commerce SE was recommended internally by Raiffeisen Waren as an integration partner.  

The aim was to find and integrate a suitable platform that is secure and future-proof in terms of data protection law and maps the functions of Google Analytics. Furthermore, the use of the data and reporting was to be established in the marketing team and know-how on its use was to be built up. 



Piwik Pro Integration

Since Raiffeisen Waren had already successfully mastered the switch from Google Analytics to Piwik Pro, Piwik Pro was initially considered as an alternative to Google Analytics and found to be suitable. First, the technical integration was defined and the implementation was supported by the external CMS service provider.

After successful integration, tracking was set up in Piwik Pro TagManager with all relevant KPIs in communication with the customer and reports and dashboards were built. The implementation was always carried out together with the customer, so that know-how was built up step by step in a tandem model. Training was also provided on how to use the tool. After successful implementation and training, the employees are able to create new dashboards and reports themselves and interpret the data.  

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