simatec is a global leader in lubricant dispensers and high-tech niche products for the maintenance of rolling bearings across all industries. As a global player, simatec exports its simalubes from Switzerland to the entire world. The family-owned company has been ensuring highly efficient, digitized assembly processes, and maintenance work worldwide for more than 40 years.

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Project Scope for developing a Digital Commerce Platform (DCP)

simatec had a digitalization strategy from previous agencies, encompassing digital services, products, marketing, and digital sales. A central goal of this strategy was the establishment of a Digital Commerce Platform (DCP). Simatec faced the challenge of determining the extent to which such a DCP should align with the respective target groups, including end customers, Simatec dealers, and OEMs. Simatec expressed interest in the 'fischer solution' (nexMart project) from Smart Commerce, where products are presented, and end customers are directed to dealers. Additionally, the effort and benefits of building a marketplace were to be evaluated. The role of Smart Commerce was to define the project scope for a DCP by carefully examining the developed possibilities and subsequently selecting one of them as the basis for the final scope.


In a series of workshops, several solutions were collaboratively developed with simatec in response to the challenges of the Digital Commerce Platform (DCP). A jointly formulated product statement helped determine the platform's direction. Additionally, the target IT architecture was examined to assess its alignment with the envisioned goal and identify any further requirements. For the actual implementation of the DCP, three implementation stages were developed, and sub-projects such as CMS strategy and CRM selection were identified to quickly create added value within the scope of 'Digital Sales.' In further workshops, a content and UX strategy, as well as the CRM strategy and selection, were defined and partially implemented. After the successful ERP rollout, the online shop topic will be collaboratively addressed.

Smart Commerce assisted simatec in organizing the project sequence, defining individual components, and achieving some initial results. Smart Commerce recommendations were primarily based on the best cost-benefit ratio for simatec at that time. The improved UX can be cited as an initial implementation result, allowing simatec to directly measure the success of the collaboration. According to the evaluation of Smart Commerce Business Consultants at that time, a large eCommerce project would not have been conducive. The collaboration enabled simatec to use the website as an effective channel for targeted customer acquisition, present products and services attractively, and lay the foundation for the future DCP.

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