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meine möbelmanufaktur combines a passion for craftsmanship with direct sales through an online store. Now in its 4th generation, the company crafts custom-made furniture with great love and enthusiasm, allowing everyone to realize their vision in their home decor. In the manufactory located in Ebersbach an der Fils, near Stuttgart, the company manufactures with the highest quality "Made in Germany" to deliver the best final product to its customers.

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Challenges at projectstart

At the start of the project, meine moebelmanufaktur GmbH faced a shortfall in production utilization. This was particularly due to the headwinds from high inflation and the associated uncertainty in purchasing long-term consumer goods, as well as the generally weak construction economy. The primary project goal was to maximize production utilization as quickly as possible. To achieve this, a goal was also set to make the website and configurator competitive, thereby communicating the excellent quality of the furniture through both implicit (brand communication) and explicit visual components.

Smart Commerce SE provided short-term support to meine moebelmanufaktur GmbH with a comprehensive analysis of the website & communication strategy (usability, look & feel), the key traffic channels (especially Google Ads & SEO), the customer journey, and the market environment. Initially, the aim was to uncover directly actionable recommendations with a significant impact ("Low Hanging Fruits") to increase the online sales channel's revenue in the short term and thus move closer to the goal of maximizing utilization.

Analysis and immediate solutions

After the initial analysis phase, immediate actions were defined and operationally implemented. The focus was on analyzing and optimizing the current key traffic channels and thus revenue drivers, while simultaneously taking initial steps to sustainably improve the website's conversion rate.


  • Optimization and restructuring of the Google Ads account.
  • Development of templates for ad landing pages.


  • Onpage, technical, and offpage SEO audit.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Recommendation of an SEO strategy.


  • Design of wireframes for the homepage, content pages, and checkout.
  • Migration to Google Analytics 4.
  • Configuration of GA4.
  • Migration of Universal Analytics events to GA4 (Google Tag Manager).
  • Setup of e-commerce tracking.

Implementation Plan

Following the initial phase, a revenue plan was developed in collaboration with the client, which included the exploration of new traffic channels to achieve set revenue targets. The further project development planned for the establishment of these additional traffic channels, in addition to the operational management of existing paid channels like Google Ads:

  • Bing Search Ads setup & management/optimization.
  • META Ads setup & management/optimization.
  • Pinterest Ads setup.

A Google Looker Studio dashboard was established to monitor the achievement of channel goals. Additionally, Smart Commerce SE developed an analysis for the future SEO content strategy, which is particularly important for the planned website relaunch.


Throughout all project phases, the client benefited from the consulting expertise of Smart Commerce SE. Already in the analysis phase, directly actionable recommendations were developed that made the visual appearance of the brand, the perceived quality, and USPs much more appealing to the end customer. In addition, the wireframes for the homepage, content page, ad landing page, and checkout laid the structural foundation for the website relaunch.

The expansion of online marketing channels also resulted in a 67% increase in user growth (from July to August compared to April to May of the same year) and a 36% increase in transactions. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing traffic sources, especially organic (SEO) traffic and Google Ads, we were able to specifically optimize these channels, both with short-term and medium-term measures. In the area of SEO, the SEO content strategy is particularly noteworthy, which is designed to counteract the cannibalization of the ranking of various URLs and lays the foundation for a successful website relaunch.

The development of a performance monitoring dashboard in Google Looker Studio allows for the evaluation of actual and planned values of traffic channels on a weekly and monthly basis. This enables quick success control and reporting to investors.

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