As a comprehensive eBusiness service provider, nexMart supports the entire supply chain of its customers.Through innovative products, it can encompass all B2B activities and simplify and optimize business processes for retailers by providing numerous data and services in the form of an efficient and automated eBusiness workflow. In addition to supporting procurement, nexMart enables various multichannel activities.

Key components of the portfolio include intelligent and efficient solutions for electronic procurement, data capture, field service support, and electronic communication between suppliers, retailers, and their customers. While nexMart specializes in the construction industry, it also offers services across different sectors.

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The shared customer portal of GEHE and AHD

At the start of the project, GEHE and AHD were faced with the challenge of consolidating their IT systems following the merger. One particularly important project was the development of a new joint customer portal, which was to serve as a flagship project for their collaboration. The existing customer portals of both companies were outdated, both in terms of design, user experience and functions, as well as technologically. They urgently needed to be upgraded to future-proof technology. However, the simultaneous implementation of several parallel projects to consolidate different backend systems and interfaces posed a challenge that affected the implementation of the customer portal. It was therefore important to ensure that the IT architecture met these requirements.

Stakeholder interviews and workshops

In order to achieve these goals, a consulting project was initiated that included the requirements analysis for the new customer portal, the development of an architectural design and a system recommendation for implementation. To accomplish these tasks, GEHE and AHD conducted stakeholder interviews and organized workshops. During the interviews, employees from various areas of the company were asked to assess the current status of the customer portals and to determine their requirements for the new portal. In the workshops, the Business Model Canvas was used to analyze aspects such as customer relationships, value propositions and core activities. From this, they derived requirements for the new customer portal and also looked at the IT landscape of both companies.

Comprehensive Planning and Clear Roadmap for GEHE and AHD

As a result of the collaboration with Smart Commerce, GEHE and AHD received a comprehensive documentation of the Business Model Canvas, a detailed feature list for the new customer portal with prioritization for implementation according to the MVP approach and expansion stages, as well as a target architecture and system recommendation. Additionally, a roadmap for the next steps in project planning and implementation was created, enabling the companies to set a precise project framework and begin implementation. The feature list already forms the basic framework for the future backlog, allowing GEHE and AHD to efficiently drive their projects forward.

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