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The term "strategy" refers to the medium to long-term behavior of the whole enterprise ("long term, broad range") for the achievement of its objectives, i.e. to strengthen and improve the market position, given external market and competitive conditions as well as resources and core competencies of the company. The e-commerce strategy is based on the corporate strategy and complies with the same principles.

In our service package eCommerce Strategy Development, the strategy development for digital sales, i.e. the e-commerce strategy, we execute the 4 steps:


Set e-commerce goals

First of all, the goals of the e-commerce project have to be defined; the importance of the goals increases with the following dimensions a) Increasing efficiency in the sales channel, b) Psycho-graphical objectives, c) Economic goals, d) Strategic goal objectives and e) Target group-oriented goals.


Perform situation analysis

The situation analysis consists of the environment analysis, the market analysis, the competitor analysis and the competence resource analysis. These analyzes provide the strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats analysis, the SWOT analysis for short.


Strategy formulation

The SWOT analysis shows strategy alternatives, such as cost leadership, differentiation or niche. The contribution of the strategic alternatives to the achievement of the e-commerce goals is evaluated, the strategy alternative to be realized is selected and the elements of the strategy such as product, market / target groups, competitive advantages, strategic partners etc. are fixed.


Strategy Implementation

The implementation typically includes e.g. the implementation of the e-commerce platform and the operation of this platform.

Important critical success factors for a successful e-commerce strategy are:

  • Strategy meets market/demand
  • The strategy has excellent competitive advantages
  • A suitable and good vision of the company is available
  • A suitable and good corporate strategy is available
  • Adherence to the "Structure follows Strategy" principle.


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