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Individual eCommerce strategies, concepts and project plans from the best consultants in the business.


Individual conception of your eCommerce business.

The goals and requirements of our customers are at the heart of the development of an individual eCommerce-Strategy.

In a holistic approach, we first analyse potentials and strengths and then implement them with innovative and creative ideas - always tailored to the corporate strategy.

We determine the business case for your company and develop a realistic eCommerce business plan for the online business and, if necessary, for your omni-channel business. We support customers and partners from the conception and evaluation of business models in the entire eCommerce environment to the development of a detailed eCommerce Requirements Specification as the basis for the software solution. Our experts undertake the analysis of customer-specific requirements, the development of alternative solution proposals and the analysis, documentation and optimisation of business processes in eCommerce.

Functional and non-functional requirements influence the design of the architecture, which is documented in architectural views. With the eCommerce Implementation Planning package, realistic implementation planning is developed on the basis of the vision, goals and planned business benefits as well as reviews of the actual business processes, functions, data and interfaces and the determined GAPs.

We know the current trends in technologies and platforms and can conduct an eCommerce Platform Selection among the leading providers. Successful online trading usually requires a network of specialized providers, e.g. for address verification, payment processing or fulfillment.

PLAN Packages.


The term "strategy" refers to the medium- to long-term planned behaviour of the entire company ("long term, broad range") in order to achieve its objectives, i. e. to strengthen and improve the company's market position, given external market and competitive conditions as well as the company's resources and core competencies. The e-commerce strategy is based on the corporate strategy and adheres to the same principles.

Business Cases

While the business plan contains the eCommerce business opportunity and measures to take advantage of this opportunity, the business case examines a specific eCommerce business scenario with regard to the profitability of a possible eCommerce investment. It serves to analyse, present and weigh the forecast financial and strategic effects of the investment. The business case is usually used in the run-up to an e-commerce project to assess the economic viability of the project and explain its impact on the business.

Business Plans

We develop a realistic business plan for the eCommerce business and for your Omni-Channel business, from the conception of an attractive offer and positive customer experience to planning and implementation including technical and financial aspects.


We take up the eCommerce requirements for the system to be developed, analyse, specify and evaluate them. The eCommerce requirements analysis is carried out in the following steps:

Platform Selection

We make the right choice for eCommerce platforms and related technologies, such as search and navigation (SEARCH), product information (PIM), content management (CMS) and analytics (BI). We can select the individually optimal solution...

Mobile Concepts

We design apps for a wide variety of applications and advise you on all questions relating to mobile applications. We always keep the question of the suitable platform and technology for the respective budget and application in mind. Our experienced experts attach particular importance to optimal user experience design, so that the mobile app is particularly clear and easy to use.


As part of our Architecture Development package, we create system architectures. This includes the decomposition of the entire eCommerce system (eCommerce server, search server, web analytics, recommendation, rating, SEO tools, PIM, CMS, etc.), the interface overview and the comprehensive data flow graph that displays the data, the system modules exchange, and records them in a table in the data catalog.

Implementation Planning

Based on your goals and the planned business benefit as well as the workshop results, we develop a realistic implementation plan for you in the form of a project roadmap. For this purpose, analyses of your actual business processes, data, functions and interfaces are carried out and possible GAPs are determined.


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