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Webanalytics is the data collection and evaluation of the behaviour of visitors to websites. A web analytics tool typically examines where visitors come from, which areas of a website are visited and how often and for how long which subpages and categories are viewed. It is used to measure the effects of the web pages "set screws" and to optimize the website. Analytics extends the optimization of the webshop to all areas of eCommerce, especially to the "backends" in the area of service and fulfillment. In analytics, a fundamental distinction can be made between evaluation procedures for the permanent measurement of eCommerce effectiveness and methods for identifying weak points and opportunities for improvement.

During data collection, either the log files, e.g. the web server, are evaluated or certain tags in websites are used to collect data. An example of server-based data and log file analysis is the Intershop Commerce Insight solution. An example of client-based data and tags and pixels is the solution Google Analytics. Client-based web tracking integrates invisible mini images (1-pixel graphics), counting or tracking pixels, directly into the source code of the website. A retrieval of this graphic counts as a page retrieval.

The pixel file does not need to be on the same server as the actual content of the website. ASP service providers can take over the collection, storage and evaluation of data. In addition to the 1-pixel images, almost all solutions now also use Javascript code for data collection. These "Javascript tags" are also integrated into the source code of the page, but can collect additional information about the calling client (usually the browser) - e.g. graphical resolution of the monitor used, color depth, plug-ins installed in the browser, etc.). Newer tools also allow the recording of mouse movements or keystrokes of website visitors.

There are a number of free products for web analytics and over 100 companies offer solutions. Google Analytics is a much used solution for web analytics. Among other things, the service examines the origin of visitors, the length of their stay on individual pages and the use of search engines, thus allowing the success of advertising campaigns to be monitored. Google Analytics is used by almost 50% of all websites. In addition to the free use of Google Analytics, simple linking with other Google services such as Google AdWords or Google AdSense is possible. In this way, the standard analytics data can be enriched with further information from these services. This allows you to draw additional conclusions for the optimization of e.g. Google AdWords.

Smart Commerce uses Google Analytics as standard on a best practices basis and/or according to your specifications; other web analytics products can be used in cooperation with your web analytics agency or our agency partner eresult.


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