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In user experience tests, the actual users come into the game. While performing typical tasks on an eCommerce website, our experts uncover the usability weaknesses of the application through observation and structured questioning.
In a usability test we observe and interview users from your target group in a structured manner when working on specific tasks that are typical for your eCommerce website. For the results it is crucial that the test participants correspond 100% to the target group. Whether you are an average online shopper or a business buyer, we have access to a wide variety of target groups, even those that are difficult to reach, via an extensive panel of test persons. The test itself is moderated by an experienced usability expert. By observing the participants we record where and what a usability problem is and how the users experience your website. In our observation room you have the possibility to follow the usability tests: You experience the users live while using your website, hear their unfiltered attitude towards the product and see the application through the eyes of your users, so to speak.

User interfaces are tested that should enable the simplest and most intuitive use possible. Examples of application fields are not only websites (portals, B2C online shops, B2B eCommerce websites, web apps,...), but also mobile apps (native apps, tablets, smartphones,...) or prototypes (simple prototypes, scribbles, concepts,...). In principle, the tests can be performed anywhere, even remotely. This is useful, for example, if users are to stay at home or at work in their familiar environment. Of course you can follow the tests live. Here you can arrange a preliminary talk for user experience tests.


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