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Web Design.

By web design we do not only mean the visual, functional and structural design, i.e. the media design, but also the technical implementation of interactive eCommerce storefront websites, i.e. web development.  By Responsive Webdesign (RWD) we mean a web design that can react to the characteristics of the end device used, e.g. desktops, but also smartphones or tablets. Smart Commerce follows the Mobile First principle and designs and develops first for smartphones and finally for the specified browser types of the desktop variants.


The media design, sometimes also graphic design, includes the creative practice, the artistic and designer handling of their interactive websites. Smart Commerce creates simple media designs independently according to your corporate identity and/or your specifications and high-quality media designs in cooperation with your design agency or our agency partner Art-Kon-Tor.


Web development, sometimes also called web engineering, is the technical implementation of media design. In contrast to the development of adaptations of standard software (customizing) and interface development (system integration), the main focus is on the use of hypermedia documents, which together with the respective browsers form the user interfaces. On the technical level, web development is characterized by the interaction of different techniques such as HTTP, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, which can work on different platforms on the client side.

Smart Commerce creates your interactive eCommerce websites as Mobile-First responsive websites based on HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS or a JavaScript framework (jQuery, React, etc.) according to your specifications. We create dynamic, interactive graphics with HTML5 canvas elements and prefer the integration of media via modern HTML5 elements. In order to achieve extensive compatibility of their websites, we do not use proprietary components such as Adobe Flash and MS Silverlight, unless required otherwise. It is important for us to adhere to the "Clean Code Principle" and to create code that meets our and your software quality requirements.


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