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Software Development Process-Review.

eCommerce systems are usually permanently adapted to new market requirements. A central success factor for the creation and expansion of eCommerce systems is therefore an efficient software development process. The established software development process should ensure a permanently high quality of your eCommerce system - despite frequent changes. With the Software Development Process Review you get an evaluation of the actual process and valuable clues for further optimization of your development process.

The Software Development Process (SDP) Review is based on Parts 2 and 3 of ISO 15504, also known as SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Evaluation). After initiation by the client's sponsor and the definition of a qualified reviewer, the review is carried out in the following steps:


Planning of the review, including the affected processes and the affected organizational unit


Execution of data collection and validation


Development of a process rating


Creation of a result report

For data collection, the reviewer conducts structured interviews with software engineers involved in the processes, inspects documents and analyses quality reports and statistical process data. He validates these data to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the scope. In the process rating, the reviewer evaluates the processes on the basis of his expert knowledge in comparison to best practices. The results report including rating and recommendations for improvement is presented to the sponsor.


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