Smart Integration.

Excellent eCommerce strategies, concepts and project plans are implemented professionally and with guaranteed quality.


Smart Implementation.

An eCommerce project involves many risks, ranging from a lack of predictability of project duration and costs, inadequate project management to an overly complex and inefficient development process.

The Smart eCommerce Implementation (SeCI) addresses these problem areas with a holistic approach and ensures the introduction of domain- and client-adapted eCommerce solutions. It is based on the Smart eCommerce Environment (SeCE), a set of methods and tools for continuous improvement.

The Smart eCommerce implementation is planned and controllable on the basis of proven sub-methods and adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Smart Implementation. Smart Success.

The Smart eCommerce implementation comprises three phases, which drive forward the introduction of a state-of-the-art eCommerce solution up to the handover and accompany the customer beyond that.

1. Planning.

In the planning phase, the customer requirements are fixed and the iterative implementation is planned and coordinated in the subsequent development phase.

The results of this phase are:

  • the customer requirements prepared for development,
  • extensive analyses of existing processes (e.g. Business Process GAP) as well as
  • the development plan.

2. Development.

The way to the goal is accomplished in this phase by means of two-week sprints. In the first step, for example, the data is imported and the corporate identity is impressed. The result of the first sprint is an operational production system that can already be used to go live and on the basis of which further development will take place.
The definition of acceptance criteria in automated test cases enables targeted and efficient further development from any starting point. An overview of the current state of development is possible at any time, but also down to every single implementation detail. The test system, which is updated daily, also allows the progress of development to be tracked in practice.

3. Handover.

After the final system tests and the transfer of the test protocols of the final run of all automated acceptance test cases, the production system is ready for acceptance by the customer.

In addition to the production system, we provide our customers with all systems and the associated documentation required for seamless further development of the eCommerce system.

Smart Benefits.

  • Modern development of domain-specific and client-adapted eCommerce solutions based on standard eCommerce applications
  • Cost-effective and faster implementation compared to conventional methods
  • Risk-minimized and predictable implementation of the eCommerce solution in terms of effort and duration
  • Reduction of manual effort through reuse and automation
  • Significant increase in the quality of results through the use of the latest approaches
  • Elimination of time-consuming measures for manual preparation and adaptation of development systems
  • Comprehensive consideration of other important implementation aspects such as commissioning and operating phase
  • Possibilities to adapt customer requirements during the running process
  • Regular and visible records of progress and obstacles to implementation


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