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Excellent eCommerce strategies, concepts and project plans are implemented professionally and with guaranteed quality.


Express implementation and system integration.

Excellent eCommerce strategies, concepts, requirement specifications and implementation planning must also be professionally implemented. As a rule, established standard software products are adapted to the respective customer requirements and integrated into the customer systems. Core are standard eCommerce software products, such as Intershop, Hybris or Sitecore Commerce. The main tasks of the implementation concern the four following areas.

The project management and setting up of the project infrastructure, the web design of the online shop, especially the storefront, system integration with third-party systems such as integration with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and finally customizing, i.e. functional adjustments to the standard software products. Our employees with project experience know the best eCommerce standard software products and use the best configuration and optimal customizing for the implementation of customer-specific systems. Through our partnership with leading manufacturers, we gain early insight into their product strategy. We use this knowledge for our customers. Especially when it comes to integrating existing systems and maintaining the value of previous investments. With well-founded technical knowledge, a pragmatic approach and in cooperation with external service providers, our experts develop smart and individual solutions. Smart eCommerce Implementation (SeCI) or Smart Implementation for short is a standardized, tool-supported express implementation process for fast, cost-effective and low-risk implementations.

Once the eCommerce platforms are up and running and show their strengths and weaknesses, standardized service packages provide valuable technical analysis and optimization potential.

With our packages eCommerce Architecture Review and Software Development Process Review we provide reviews including prioritized recommendations for improvements in the area of the platform itself as well as software development at a fixed price. This optimizes the eCommerce architecture, its implementation and code quality, improves performance and ensures scalable, high-performance and operational software design. In SAP Integrations-Review, we often analyze and evaluate the interface between the eCommerce server (e.g. Hybris or Intershop) and the SAP ERP system including source and target data and evaluate the planned interface technologies and tools with regard to robustness, performance, risks and costs.

eCommerce platforms become obsolete and must be migrated to newer versions or other eCommerce systems. The migration of such legacy systems to a state-of-the-art system is the core business of our Migration Factory. This uses a proven factory approach to reduce classic risks and migration costs and to realize a fast upgrade. In the Migration Factory Workshop, the defined and repeatable processes are presented by dedicated migration experts.

Today, mobile apps are only rarely "standalone". They are usually part of a larger, cross-system eCommerce platform and must integrate seamlessly. Unlike traditional app agencies, our app experts have a strong enterprise background and experience in a wide variety of technologies. This enables us to work with the right technology for every eCommerce platform and is also ideally equipped for complex scenarios.

BUILD Packages.

Project Management

Project management is an essential part of every project. Without proper management, projects quickly run into difficulties and important goals can no longer be met. As an external service provider, we support you right from the start in project management, project controlling and project audits, thus ensuring the quality, deadlines and costs of your project.

Smart Implementation

The Smart eCommerce Implementation (SeCI) addresses these problem areas with a holistic approach and ensures the introduction of domain- and client-adapted eCommerce solutions. It is based on the Smart eCommerce Environment (SeCE), a set of methods and tools for continuous improvement.

Smart Migration Factory

Trust in our migration experience and use the proven Smart Migration Factory, which has already been used by our experienced migration experts at many eCommerce merchants.


When implementing eCommerce solutions, established standard software products (the core of which is standard eCommerce software products such as Intershop, Hybris, or Sitecore Commerce) are usually adapted to the respective customer requirements.

Systems Integration

Achieving your eCommerce goals requires modern eCommerce platforms, which are usually built up modularly from 'best-of-breed' subsystems, integrate themselves robustly into the existing IT landscape of your company and offer flexible customer, product and country-specific adaptation possibilities, so that the storefront of your online shop can meet the specific requirements of the focused market segment...

Information Integration

Information integration is the merging of information from different data sets (data sources) with usually different data structures into a common, uniform data structure with the aim of providing a consistent global view of all data sources. Redundant data sources can be used for verification...

Web Design

By web design we do not only mean the visual, functional and structural design, i.e. the media design, but also the technical implementation of interactive eCommerce storefront websites, i.e. web development. By Responsive Webdesign (RWD) we mean a webdesign that can react to the characteristics of the end device used, e.g. desktops, but also smartphones or tablets...

Architecture- and Code review

We analyse the architecture of a designed eCommerce system in order to identify possible problem areas and provide clear recommendations for improving the architecture in accordance with the resulting "technical debts".

Software Development Process Review

eCommerce systems are usually permanently adapted to new market requirements. A central success factor for the creation and expansion of eCommerce systems is therefore an efficient software development process...

SAP Integrations-Review

We analyze the integration of your eCommerce platform (e.g. SAP Hybris or Intershop Commerce Suite) with your SAP systems. The analysis of the interfaces includes the source and target data and evaluates existing or planned interface technologies and tools with regard to their robustness, performance, risks and costs...

Mobile Apps

Today, mobile apps are only rarely "standalone". They are usually part of a larger, cross-system and cross-platform solution and must integrate seamlessly. Unlike traditional app agencies, our app experts have a strong enterprise background and experience in a wide variety of technologies. This enables us to work with the right technology for every application and is also ideally equipped for complex scenarios.


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