Häfele is an experienced specialist in intelligent hardware technology, lighting, and electronic locking systems. The company's history dates back to 1923 in Germany, where it all began and then rapidly developed on a global scale. Today, customers from over 150 countries worldwide rely on Häfele's expertise. The global player includes over 8,000 employees, 38 subsidiaries, and numerous other representations around the world.

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Smart Commerce was commissioned by Häfele to conduct a comprehensive performance review consultation for its existing B2B e-commerce portal to optimize its effectiveness and user-friendliness. The focus was on identifying opportunities for improvement in integration with the ERP system.

Performance Review:

As part of the consultation, Smart Commerce conducted a detailed review of the interfaces, analyzing core areas such as speed and integration. Following this, Smart Commerce recommended a series of improvement measures to make the interfaces more efficient.





The consulting services provided by Smart Commerce led Häfele to receive a clearly defined strategy for the further development of the ERP interface. The optimization suggestions were presented in a workshop that also communicated key guidelines for updating the interfaces. These recommendations helped Häfele pave the way for more efficient ERP integration that meets the requirements of their B2B customers.

Whitepaper Wie Großhändler Mehrwert im digitalen Handel schaffen

Whitepaper: Wie Großhändler Mehrwert im digitalen Handel schaffen.

Wie und in welchen Bereichen wird der klassische Großhandel durch den Digitalen Wandel bedroht und welche Leistungen verschaffen einen komparativen Konkurrenzvorteil im Wettbewerb? Finden Sie jetzt die Antworten heraus, indem Sie sich unser Whitepaper zum Thema herunterladen!


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