Smart Commerce and rooom define Virtual Commerce.

Jena, 28th October, 2022:

• On October 28, 2022, Smart Commerce SE and rooom AG signed a Solution Partner contract, laying the foundation for a long-term eCommerce partnership.
• It is a commitment to Virtual Commerce as the next generation of eCommerce, featuring virtual showrooms, new promotions, training, configurators, and an enhanced experience in spare parts search.
• Smart Commerce has already implemented shop integrations for rooom's Virtual Commerce solutions on established platforms like Intershop, Spryker, and SAP Commerce.

After several successful years of collaboration, Smart Commerce and rooom are signing the Solution Partner contract today. Smart Commerce becomes the first Solution Partner of the innovative Web 3.0 company, rooom AG.

rooom offers companies the opportunity to present their products innovatively and vividly using its 3D product viewer and other metaverse solutions. Visitors to online shops can view 3D product models in various ways and easily project them into their own living environment using AR or identify complex product spare parts through 3D exploded views and add them to the shopping cart with a single click. The visualization, including individual customizations and annotations, provides companies with significant sales advantages, increased product information content, and reduced return rates, resulting in greater sustainability. Additionally, it significantly increases dwell time and conversion rates. Virtual Commerce optimizes the entire customer journey from the awareness phase to the purchase.

The rooom solutions offer a Web 3.0 storefront linked with a classic commerce backend. 3D models can be easily loaded into the system and maintained thanks to their integration capabilities with all common platforms. The rooom framework allows for model and annotation editing using simple JavaScript. An essential advantage is the low system requirements of the rooom solutions. 3D models created with rooom have file sizes in the single-digit megabyte range, and even the metaverse environments have low requirements, minimizing the strain on the system and keeping loading times low. Due to the future-proof nature of the solutions and their enormous potential for online commerce, Smart Commerce has expanded its cooperation with rooom and provided integrations for Intershop, Spryker, and SAP.

Gartner recently named rooom as the "Top Metaverse Solution" this year, and Forbes Magazine attests rooom's potential to "democratize the internet." The company is at the forefront of a revolutionary movement in the digital space and now has a long-term solution partner and experienced eCommerce specialist in Smart Commerce. "Our collaboration with rooom creates a multitude of new eCommerce opportunities that can naturally be applied worldwide," emphasizes Dr. Ludger Vogt, CEO of Smart Commerce. Hans Elstner, CEO, and founder of rooom, comments on the partnership: "We are delighted to have a strong partner in eCommerce like Smart Commerce by our side."

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